Awarded Patent for Computer Vision and AI Logging of Videos

PASADENA, California (March 28, 2018), a technology company focused on next-generation media systems, announced today that it has been issued a patent from the US Patent and Trademark Office covering the principles underlying its automated video logging technology.

The patent for invention number 9,583,149 is for systems and methods that enable a computer to watch and understand the content of a video. By using an associated script or data feed, the technology enables a computer to accurately tag specific events in the video (for example, highlights of a sports match) with minimal human intervention.

“The amount of video produced has exploded in recent years, and will continue to grow exponentially,” said Daniel Stieglitz, CEO of “New technologies are essential in assisting people with managing this new trove of media. Recent advancements in computer vision and artificial intelligence will give people the tools needed to unlock the latent value of this growing media library. ”

The new technologies claimed in the patent describe systems and methods for extracting metadata from the content of the video using computer vision and artificial intelligence, and then marrying the extracted data with a data feed such as a sports play-by-play, sensor logs, Twitter or Facebook feed. Metadata is data about the videos that describe key aspects such as who or what is depicted in the videos at each moment.

Metadata Is The Key

“Metadata is the key to effectively utilizing video today as it enables, among other things, rapid and accurate search without having to consume the content” Mr. Stieglitz said, “and the sheer amount of video being produced today requires automation to create this metadata. Without it, finding what we are looking for in media becomes overwhelmingly painstaking and time-consuming. As we consume shorter and shorter forms of media such as clips, highlights and snaps, we will need more and better metadata to create the next generation of interesting and useful applications.”

Demand for video metadata tools and applications are growing as more companies look to digital media for critical business functions. In the sports and entertainment world, for example, traditional broadcast business models are shifting from traditional TV to streaming, web, mobile and digital. Law enforcement, industrial and military applications are relying on ever increasing amounts of video in their operations.’s proprietary software and patents provide innovative solutions to facilitate growth in industries where video is critical to their core business.

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